The REIN Platform

Platform Elements


Platform Overview

The REIN platform was designed from the ground up, built to solve the unique needs of a modern insurtech product platform.

Modern, evolving insurance products required us to develop new advances in security, product structures, back-office automation, regulatory management, distribution and AI-driven data analysis. The REIN platform is built to scale product needs into the future.


Ecosystem Management

In the new insurance landscape, insurtech platforms need to support:

  1. Traditional web and mobile digitization;
  2. Digital broker distribution systems; and
  3. Integrations into major digital ecosystems and marketplaces.

At REIN, we have you covered - whether you are growing existing insurance verticals or creating new insurance products unique to an ecosystem-driven world.

AI &

AI & Analytics

Analyze insurance-related data at superhuman speed. See new ways to understand the story it tells. Use that information to refine and expand underwriting models.


Product Management

The REIN platform specializes in handling all the moving pieces over a range of product structures, aligning each component to culminate in a seamless insurance experience.

Whether you need UBI or annual, admitted or surplus lines products, the REIN platform has you covered.


Customer Management

Automate back-office tasks. Control the entire process and maximize workflow efficiency. Optimize your services with a digital insurance solution that operates in real time.

We built the following tools to accelerate product deployment and simplify back-office tasks.

  • Communications
  • Taxes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Billing
  • Sanctions Service
  • Accounting
  • Authentication
  • Documents

Innovate faster. Digitize operations. Gain the competitive advantage.

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Platform Architecture

An integrated set of microservices to support insurance products.

The flexibility of the REIN platform stems from its unique architecture. Modular and scalable
microservices allow for dynamic solutions — no matter how complex or simple the challenge.

AI and Analytics

Insurance Distribution